Seasons Change

8E15D107-8E4B-4D55-830B-5A043EE1E5F5“From the colors of fall, to the frangrance of Spring”…….Chris Tomlin

I’ve been humming these song lyrics the past few days, Along with some Christmas tunes my daughter picked out yesterday. I know, you’re probably like, Christmas already?

Yep. It’s right around the corner, but before we go all lights and baking cookies, let’s take in what I believe to be one of God’s grandest displays of beauty… absolute favorite season, the fall.

Isn’t it breath taking?


Yay God.

Ok. Back to the point. Seasons change.

God is amazing and constantly on the move, yet unchanging in His standard and intent. That’s one of the many facets of His character that I adore. He is so glorious to give us the seasons as an indicator of what change looks like….the truth that, yes, God is not only ok with change, but He also endorses it, and that,  just like the seasons, you’ve got to prepare and adapt to the conditions of the particular season you’re in, or moving into.

Now, you can dismiss the color of the leaves and walk right into winter in your swimsuit and flip flops, or you can heed the heavenly signs and dress accordingly.

Seasons change for a reason. We say, ever so cheerfully at Christmas time, that “Jesus is the reason for the season,” but on a grander scale, the reason for the seasons, is to show us that God  likes to shake things up a bit, but by doing so, Seasons also serve a purpose.

Process, (I told you we would get to that later) like the principal of seed, time,  and harvest, show the seasons in their purpose. You plant in one season and harvest in another. There is a process of time in between the two, in which we wait. That’s never the fun part. We tend to run from process. But if we don’t wait, we won’t reap.

Even the stages of a caterpillar taking on the shape of a butterfly show us the seasons of change.

I’m sure if God showed  the caterpillar the cocoon process, it would choose to stay a caterpillar. Isn’t that how we are?

The struggle is real!

Too Often we settle to slide around on our  belly instead of embracing the process of growing wings. But I assure you, you see more from flight mode than you do on the ground.

God isn’t afraid of a change. In fact, He planned and purposed it. We are the ones afraid of the change.

I told a story this morning at church about how my daughter was about three years old when we purchased and moved into our new house. As we sat at the bank to do the paper work she began to cry. The banker looked at us and then our daughter and said, “what’s wrong sweetie?” My little girl replied, through her sobs, “I don’t want to move out of our mobile home.”

Our first home was all she had ever known.  It was scary to change. It was also what Dust and I had been comfortable with. We managed things well because we had become used to what we knew, but our hearts desired something bigger.

We were Faithful where we were and believed God for where we were going. We remained Thankful.

I remember Thanking God for two able hands, while I was believing Him for a dishwasher!

(I’m happy to report that our new home has one.)

But what if we would have just stayed?

What If Abraham would have just stayed back with the rest of His family when God called him out into the great unknown where He was, waiting to bless Him?

I’ll tell you. He would have died  there just like his father, Terah. You can read all about it in Genesis 11.

Terah once had a desire to move to Canaan, but He died where he settled.

My exhortation to you and I today, is this, don’t settle for less than the Best life Jesus died to give you.

God is not a respecter of persons. What He did for Abraham, He will do for you. Jesus fully restored the blessing to everyone who will believe on Him.

You just have to be willing to, Well, Change. 



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