I have to be honest with you. I have four unfinished blogs. I had started all of them and then moved on into the days they were started seeking to finish them as events from the day unfolded. One of which,  I was ready to finish yesterday,  and had a technical difficulty, as I’m still finding my way around in the blogging biz.

I say all that to say, it’s important to me not to just write, but to write what I believe is on God’s heart towards us each and every day.

So, as I was finishing up yesterday’s blog for today, I just didn’t have peace about sending you “stale” bread. Yesterday is, over. 

Boy, that’s a Word in and of itself isn’t it?!

Today, my fresh bread came from my four year old.

We were sitting in church, when I noticed him mimicking the pastor’s hand gestures. Adorable, yes, but even more so, a witness to me.

Am I mimicking my Pastor? Better yet, am I mimicking who  my Pastor is mimicking?


(Hopefully, your Pastor is mimicking Jesus.)

I don’t mean you’re Pastor is perfect. We all miss it, even the Apostle Paul, I’m sure, but He urged the believers in 1 Corinthians 11 to follow Him as He followed Christ.

We need to purposely pattern our lives around those who are lining their lives up with the Word, yet not live so attached to them, but to the Savior they are pointing to.

*That was actually a Word from God to the church this morning. Make sure your relationship with God is firsthand. If you’re counting on someone else to get you to where you need to be, and perhaps they fall away, it will cause you to do the same thing, if you aren’t stable in your own relationship with Jesus.

My heart on the matter is this, I don’t just want to be a hearer, but a doer. I want to mimick Jesus, not just in what I say, but what I do. I’m over making excuses. I can talk about why I’m not, this or that, but why not just do it?

People don’t really care what you know until they know that you care.

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