Out To Sea



Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip. Hebrews 2:1

My cousin and I were vacationing in Florida one summer, when we decided to get on a couple of rafts and take a stroll out under the sun in the ocean.

Not a big deal if you’re tied off to something, but if not, you can slip on out into the deeper waters  before you even realize it.

We would glance leisurely upon the shore, and then just lay back and chill, thinking that somehow we would just stay in that same place.

Didn’t happen.

Before we knew it, we were out  further than we wanted to be, and the same thing can happen to us spiritually if we aren’t careful.

Another couple of witnesses the past few days,  have confirmed the above scripture, and God’s heart to me, on this subject  even more so.

One of which, happened last weekend as I helped my husband get the tractor ready for his/ our family’s hayride and church festival.

What I used to know so well, about getting the tractor to run, was like jibberish to me now. I couldn’t even tell you how to start the thing, let alone make it go anywhere.

That became Sobering to me.

What if I ever needed to use the tractor  and Dust wasn’t there to show me how? How could I let something I once knew and used proficiently now have become just a vague memory?

The other witness to this truth, came, when Dust and I got all fired up about singing again, and playing some of the Worship songs, we used to do, after hearing someone else play during the festival.

We came home, all excited,  and sat around our living room with the guitar like “old times,” only to find that  he had forgotten the chords and I had forgotten the words!

It happens.

God said it would- if we didn’t give more, earnest heed.

It’s one thing to know, and another to heed, or to keep applying what you know.

The things we want to keep, we have to guard.

The enemy is a master distracter.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad things that take our attention, just things. 

Jesus called them the cares of this life, when he warned of things that could and would choke the Word.

So, Let’s get our eyes back on the “shore” and start reeling back into the things that are important.

If we keep our eyes on the Word, Jesus promised that all the other cares-  would be taken care of by our Father.

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