I know I’m gonna be in big trouble for skipping past Thanksgiving and Christmas, after I’ve been so staunch against that, but I’m actually  thinking about Easter right now.

Have you ever gotten one of those Bunnies, you know, the chocolate kind, and you think you’re going to take a big bite out of chocolaty goodness, only to find that you got jipped half a bunny?

It’s hollow inside.

The little bunny deceived you. Shame on you bunny.

All joking aside, because I don’t really even care much for chocolate, is the message God spoke to my heart today while I was running.

We can look the part. We can even lift our hands in worship and go to church and ride around with our favorite Christian radio station blaring, but if we’re not full of the Love of God, we’re hollow.

God wants us Joy-full, Faith-full, and Spirit-filled.

I know what it’s like to have been that way, (Joy-full,) at one point and time and then feel like you’re anything but that now.

So, How do we get so hollow?

Bitterness, resentment, holding offenses, taking on cares…….

these are just some of the contributors to depleting our love tank.

But Praise Be to God, we can get full just as fast as we got depleted.

How do you fill up your car?

You simply fill it up!

And Jesus has already paid for our fuel!

We can fill up on the Word. We can fill up on Praise. We can fill up on Love.

And just note, to fill up doesn’t always mean we “feel” up.

I just came through a season where I didn’t “feel” much of anything. The Presence of God, or His love for me.

But I sang about it anyway….

I would fill up, and sing… “I am Loved by the King, and it makes my heart want to sing.” Chris Tomlin

I would sing, “you say I am loved, when I can’t feel a thing. You say I am strong, when I feel like I’m weak.” Lauren Daigle

There are Times when we have to go with what we “fill” (believing what He says,) instead of what we feel.

The just shall live by faith.


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