Wasted Time


I keep mulling over what happened Saturday.

God set me up for a great day.

Every day can be great.

It’s  a day that He made is it not?.

and if that weren’t all, my mom texted me early that morning to say she wanted to come get my son, Issac, to spend the day and night.

I could do anything that day.

My little girl had been sick for the past few days and I aimed to spend quality time with her while my husband was at work.

I also wanted to make his favorite dinner, so I thawed out the shrimp early that morning.

So, what would I do next?

Ignore the Holy Spirit,  and put on my Joanna Gaines want-to- be hat, and take yet, another whack,  at changing my living room around against my husband’s clear stand against the idea.

Our living room is not a huge one. I’m not complaining, but there is only one spot that a TV can go as of right now, and it stands to be the central theme of our living space.

So, Four hours later, after I’ve moved the furniture, heavy furniture I may add, all around, the same way, I tried and failed last time, my living room looked exactly the same as when I had started.

All I had to show for my endeavors, was a now slap happy cover up of frustration and irritation because I had wasted half of my day.

Now I would run late for supper, have a fraction of the time I wanted to spend with my daughter, and the guilt of downing half an Imos pizza AND toasted ravioli because I lacked the energy and time to cook what I had planned.

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because I think I’ve finally learned a valuable lesson as the Holy Spirit replays the events of that day in my mind.

Some things I just can’t change.

Like my insisting on changing my huge, living room pieces around, in a not so huge,  living room, I tend to want to change the lives of people around me.

I work and work to no avail trying to manipulate and control what only God can change.

He alone has the power to expand my space.

I can work with what He’s given me, but there’s only so much I can do, and then, when I have done all I can, the rest lies within His Power.

The same is true with other people.

The only person I actually have power over is me.

I can tell myself  how to respond, and I can allow God to transform my heart, but I have to leave the space changing and heavy moving of others lives up to Him.

If I don’t, I’ve wasted my time,  and energy and have little to show other than frustration, for the time and Grace He has given me.




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