Keep the Main thing, the main thing-



Our family loves to watch Shark Tank. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a show about entrepreneurs looking for financial backing as they launch their new businesses.

There are five sharks (investors), who give them either strong advice, finances, or both. One of our favorites, Mark, gave strong advice only, to a young woman who had her hand in just about everything.

She was a personal trainer, dental hygienist, mom of three and upcoming business woman.

The problem, Mark advised, (contrary to what would be our accolades for the most achievements), was her inability to focus her energy on her growing business.

So, after I was led to a devotional this morning on focus, I believe the Spirit of God wants my attention, and yours as well, if you receive it.

Its almost as if we celebrate busy-ness these days.

We  go on and on to our friends and family about how much we have to accomplish or have accomplished in a day, but at the end of that day, did what we accomplish get done with excellence, or just simply get checked off our Run Run Rudolph, Santa’s gottta make it to town list?

Now that I’m focusing on focus, I remember, that the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about it at the beginning of this week by prompting me to choose just one person to focus on from the Bible this upcoming year.

Last year, I tried my best to take one Word and run with it, but this years challenge, is to take one person.

For me, that one person is Esther.

And the One thing that stands out to me about Esther’s story, was her Preparation process. 

Most of the time, I have bypassed the principle of preparation and it’s importance.

But im understanding more and more, that your results are a direct link to what you’ve prepared for.

A test.

A purchase.

A marriage.

The list goes on, but the principle of preparation,  is how your outcome is determined in any situation.

So, I want to challenge you.

Don’t wait until New Years to ask the Holy Spirit who your One Person and One principle is.

Start Focusing your attention now.

Ask the Helper and begin preparing your heart to learn Something from someone  in scripture.

FOCUS on that person. Just one. Allow God to transform your heart into excellence by keeping the main thing the main thing.

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