Peace On Earth

“But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭2:19‬ ‭KJV‬‬


We went over the real Story of Christmas this morning at bible study.

Several things resonated with me, but this scripture in particular.

I fast forwarded through the scenes of the life of Jesus and I had His momma in my mind.

I recalled beholding my son Issac’s four year old little face this morning and his arms wrapped tightly around my neck as he called out for me-

“You keep me safe, and I’ll keep you safe,” he said as he woke up from a bad dream. I reassured him as we snuggled, that Jesus, keeps us both safe.

Mary must have pondered that same thought in her heart the day that her Son hung brutally beaten and bleeding on the cross.

“You keep me safe and I’ll keep you safe.”

Can you imagine her feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that day.

Yet, she must have pondered the things she heard the Angel say, the day she was told she would have a virgin birth, to a Child who would become not only the One to promise her safety, but that of the whole world’s.

She must have pondered the songs that the Angels sang at her Son’s humble arrival.

Though celebrating in a messy barn and less than perfect circumstances,

having been inconvenienced by tax season right in the middle of Christmas-(holler if you hear me now)….

far away from home,

And casted out because there wasn’t enough room for them.

Still, the sky displayed a symphony of Angels Singing, “Glory to God in the Highest. Peace on earth and Good Will toward men.”

She had to have rehearsed that when her dreams seemed to shatter as she watched the brutality of the cross.

How could this be peace on earth?

But it was. It meant peace for you and me.

The Gospel is that Good News the Angels we’re declaring.

This baby…. grew to become our Substitute.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you Father, for giving us the Greatest Christmas gift the world would ever know.

Thank you Mary, I’ll tell her one day, for being an example to me of what overcoming emotion for the sake of the Glory of God looks like.


One thought on “Peace On Earth

  1. I cannot imagine the faith of Mary, how great it must been. I have watched my own children go through things that caused them to hurt and at times could not help them.. I pray my faith gets as strong as Mary’s is …


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