Don’t Fret, My Pet

And her adversary also provoked her sore, for to make her fret, because the LORD had shut up her womb. 1 Samuel 1:6

I’m intrigued by another momma this morning.

Yes, momma.

Hannah, of Whom this portion of scripture speaks of,  didn’t stay without child.

Her womb didn’t stay closed.

She was provoked, and she had been fretting, but not anymore.

I’ve actually been thinking of Mrs. Hannah for sometime now.

If you pair her story up with Psalm 37:4

Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

I see the heart of God.

God not only knew the desires of Hannah’s heart, but I believe He put them there.

Well, Then why would He have closed up her womb? You might ask.

Let me just ask any of you momma’s out there,

which of you would be willing to leave your son  or daughter at church for the rest of their lives as an offering to the Lord?

Yet, that’s exactly what Hannah did.

Her fretting led her right up to the point God needed her desperation to be.

He needed Samuel as a mouthpiece to His people and He needed a momma so desperate for a child that she was willing to do whatever God told her to do.

She delighted herself in God, and He gave her the desires of her heart, his heart too.

My last post was about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

It was her desire to please the Lord,  that gave birth, literally, to our Salvation.

God has to have someone to agree with Him.

When Mary said,

 “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word” that’s when conception took place.

I believe with all of my heart that those things you are provoked and fretting about right now-

those seemingly impossible situations, that have caused you to fret and cry out to the Lord-

are not only your desires, but His.

(If they line up with the Word) 

You should read Hannah’s whole story starting in 1 Samuel 1.

To most, even her husband, Hannah should have had nothing to fret about. She was adored by Him, they had little to no lack financially, and it wasn’t like her husband had no children…his other wife had given birth to sons. 

(Well, that in and of itself would make me fret- Thank God we don’t still live in the Old Testament, where men had multiple wives!)

The point is, she seemed set.

Why would she not be satisfied?

Because God had impregnated her with a desire to give birth. Not just to any son, but a prophet.

Maybe it seems like it’s taking God forever to work on your behalf and to give you what your heart longs for, but take heart from Hannah.

I believe God is orchestrating your heart and steps to just the right place, and time for you to be willing, just like these ladies, to delight yourself in the Lord and allow Him to use your life to not only be blessed, but also to become a great blessing.



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