Well able

I woke up with a Word from the Lord this morning:

He spoke to my heart before I even opened my eyes and said,

“It was the same set of circumstances that the ten spies and Joshua and Caleb saw, the difference for victory wasn’t the circumstances changing, it was what they believed about them in their heart and confessed out of their mouths.”

If you’re familiar with this account in scripture, then you know, that there were twelve spies. Ten of the twelve were negative about their circumstances and said with their mouths that they couldn’t do, what God had told them they could.

Joshua and Caleb,  on the other hand, believed God and therefore spoke that they were more than able.

What we believe in our hearts will come out of our mouths. I’m encouraged to put the Word in my heart at all times, so that the Word will come out of my mouth.

It’s not our circumstances that dictate victory. It’s what we believe about ourselves when up against them.

Are we well able? Or are we grasshoppers in their sight?

I say, what God says, we are well able.

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