Most people who know me well, would say that I’m not a dog person.

This little gal on my lap this morning is my daughters dog, Mini.

God had to really deal with Dust’s and my heart to even take her. But He did, and here she is a part of the family now.

Yes, I do love dogs. The Word of God says;

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

Proverbs 12:10

So, I love them with food and water and the occasional petting, when I can come in and wash my hands, but for them to lick my face and eat from my plate, yeah, not that kind of dog lover.

No beef with those who do love dogs that way though. More power to ya!

Yes, when Mini is freshly groomed I like to hold her on my lap and pet her, but it’s not good I hear to bathe dogs every day.

So, as she barked from the laundry room this morning, I was slightly annoyed.

Why would she be barking? She’s fed, watered, and has a warm place in there?

And then the Holy Spirit nudged me. “Maybe she’s not content just knowing she’s in the house. She hears your voice and wants to be directly in your presence.”


Oh, how I needed that. That’s what I was Longing for with the Lord.

“But what about her not being bathed,  Lord?”

“I don’t want to hold a dirty dog?” I grumbled.

“There’s your problem,” he said. “When did you become so obsessed with cleanliness to the point of overlooking someone, or something else’s needs?”

I repented. And as I walked down, wrapped this little dog up in a clean blanket, I realized something-

That’s exactly what God does for me to come into His Presence.

He’s not moved by how I smell, or how dirty I may seem, He’s moved by compassion, and the Blanket of the Blood of His Son, that COVERS us in Love.

She quieted down immediately, and so did I.

I actually began to weep because of His goodness, and the blessedness of hearing His Voice.

I had become compulsive with cleanliness.

But Jesus said, we are clean, through His Word.

“Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.” John 15:3

When we get near Him, Trusting the covering of the blood, He cleanses the impurities of our heart.

That’s why my friend Wisdom, loves only to be in His Presence.

Yes, Mini and I are experiencing the fulness of Joy this morning. She’s in my presence and I’m in His.

Thank you Father, that you see us through the Covering of your Son. Making a way for us to be together. I’ll rest in that today.

Will you?





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