Where are you, God?

I watched a movie with my daughter, Peyton, a couple nights ago, that has had such a huge impact on my life, right now.

It was about a little girl who played soccer.

She had just lost her coach, and her dad. Her mom was a great “soccer mom” until her dad passed away.  Now the little girl didn’t know what was happening. Her mom was the last to pick her up after practice and she never had time for her anymore-

so it seemed.

In reality, the mom had undergone some changes in her appearance and began coaching the little girl’s  team. She couldn’t take the thought of another loss for her child, so She would dress up as the new coach and hurry and change back at the end of practice.

One scene in particular showed the little girl talking with the “coach” about her mom. She questioned why she didn’t have time for her anymore. But-

Things aren’t always as they appear.

That little girl’s mom was actually closer to her than ever. She was with her more now than she had ever been.

I know God is going above and beyond to show me the depth, the length, the width and the height of His Love for me right now.

In the seasons of life when it seems like hell has literally unleashed around you, and God seems so far away, I can assure you, by experience, that He’s closer than you think.

The Truth is, He promised to never leave or forsake us, but when the devil tries His best to flood us with fear, our God is faithful to Manifest His Presence in our lives.

Just look for it.

Things aren’t always as they appear.

One thought on “Where are you, God?

  1. TY for this. “Hold on, DELIVERANCE is coming”! Is just what God said to me this morning, across the board!! Love you honey! We. are WHOLE!!


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