Do it again

Words can not describe what I’m experiencing today.

It’s been a battle the past few weeks. After the heart “attack” experience I wrote about previously, I began to feel like I was dying.


My faith was waning. It felt as though I was losing blood.


He did it AGAIN.

When I got to church this morning, after believing God was calling me to step down, humble myself, and seek His Word. The message I recieved was just for me.

It was for everyone obviously, but it was what I had come for.

It was about Lazarus.

Mary and Martha were dumbfounded that their Lord would not come immediately to the aid of their sick brother. Especially,  after He had healed so many others.

How could He not heal the one he loved. 

That’s what I was feeling. God I need you NOW. Heal me NOW. If you love me. 

God, do you still love me?

But Jesus has a different plan in mind.

He didn’t just want to display God’s Glory in Healing Lazarus, He wanted To raise Him from death to new life.

I’m believing that God not only called me out of the grave this morning, to assure me, that not only does He not want me to die, He wants me to LIVE.

And now, the resurrection power of God is raising every dead detail of my life.

“I’ve seen Him move, He moves the mountains, and I believe, I’ll see Him do it again.” Elevation Worship

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