Love in Action

We have a ministry at our church called Love in Action. It was set up by the dearest Preacher I have ever known, my late Grandfather.

When I surrendered my messed up life to Jesus, I did so through my understanding that if Jesus was like my Grandpa, Love in Action, I wanted more.

I watched his life.

Most of it from afar.

Holidays and the times that I spent the night as a child (my more innocent days) I would watch His Love, in action.

Regardless of what people said or did, contrary to what we knew He believed and stood for, he never stopped blessing or loving us.

Never stopped inviting us.

Never stopped praying for us.

And even when we found ourselves lost, we could always go to Him for a Word.

“What does the Bible say?” He would lovingly challenge.

When I had finally found myself in the pig pen like the prodigal,  living in the scraps of what my life had become-

Snared in shame, guilt and confusion-

And at certain points finding it more appealing to just die, or run from it all than to face what some may find out about me-

I decided to take the invite to church, again, one Sunday morning, after not gracing that place in a long time.

The message was about me, for sure.              “The prodigal.”

The one who squandered their life and now was willing to return, not knowing how the Father would respond after my carelessness.

After all, I knew better.

I was raised in church.



After all I had done, and even the places I’d been, my Grandpa’s love remained the same.

I could tell him anything and fear no judgment, just a hope for the future based on the Promises of God’s Word.

He had found Jesus.

Because He beheld Love, He became it.

The only way we become Love in Action, is to behold Love Himself, Jesus.

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