False Evidence Appearing Real

While on our way to bible study this morning, we saw what appeared to be a man, although seemingly with his head buried in his layers of clothing, standing on the side of the highway.

I prayed for “him” that God would meet whatever needs he may have, and Dust challenged that maybe he didn’t have any.

Maybe he was just standing there waiting for someone.

After all, He appeared bundled up.

It wasn’t until we came back through from the other direction, later this afternoon, that we realized the Truth.

The Truth was, the man, was not only not a man, but a tire!

I had prayed for a tire, and Dust had “thought” he was for sure bundled up.

Isn’t it amazing how some thoughts can deceive us.

The Word, is reality. No matter what we think.

We need to line every thought up to what The Truth already says.

That will keep us from deception!

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