Hoo ha Two Times Tuesday;

I really enjoy Dominoes! Well, I really enjoy pizza for that matter, but Domiones is where the hoo ha two times Tuesday came from if ya don’t know.

But I will be posting twice today … Hoo Ha!

Mainly Because yesterday got away from me, and I laid in bed last night thinking how I wished I would have told you what I was Praising Jesus about.

So, here goes.

“Where there is an ember, there is a potential fire!”

We generally despise small things.

But God Doesn’t.

As a matter of fact, He is looking for how you and I respond, to the little we have left.

When Jesus had  a surplus from the little, he didn’t just throw out what remained. (Account from the loaves and fishes)

No, he gathered it up.

I believe with all my heart, the The Almighty Father is gathering up and strengthening those things that remain in our life.

You May have a little strength,

a little hope,

a little testimony,

a little money,


but don’t despise what little you have.

Put in in the Hand’s of the MULTIPLIER.

While counseling one of my loved ones yesterday, God reminded me of a time, when I just had “one good thing” I could say about a person.

I borrowed that from John Bevere.

One thing that remained began to multiply into other things I could see in that person.

Before long, the stronghold of accusations that led me to despair of thinking the relationship could never turn around,


with only one, good thing.

James says we can turn our whole ship around by the smallest of members… our tongue.

So, no matter how big your situation looks in comparison to the small glimpse of hope, give that small hope to Jesus and watch as He multiplies your seed  to meet your need!


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