I can’t

How many times have we said that?

Maybe you haven’t, but I sure have.

One time, in particular, that I was reminded of today, was in high school when some friends and I decided to run around the block.

“You guys go on. I can’t  go any further.” I said.

That incident came flooding back to memory as I ran a 5k in epic time today.

I can’t  starts in your mind.

Sure, your body has a part to play, but did you know that Decision proceeds dominion?

Change occurs when you decide  to change.

Jesus took the I can’t out of our new nature, when His Word declared the opposite;

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

(one of my favorite scriptures btw)

Shout out to Christ’s strength in me!

I’m testifying to this Truth today.

Every day we act what we think.

Even our moods are determined by our thoughts.

It won’t happen overnight, but I want to encourage you sweet friend,

Change your mind about what you can’t do.

Start thinking about what Jesus says you can do, not how you feel or how hard something looks.

If you would have told me what I could run today, I would be shocked.

But God knew what He placed inside of me long before I got in Agreement With it.

You and I are packed with potential.

Simple as that.

Again, I know I have been on this a while, but I’m overwhelmed with just how overwhelming Jesus’ life is inside of us.

When death tried to overwhelm Him, the LIFE IN HIM overwhelmed death!

That same life lives in us.

So, what can’t you and I do?

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