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We live in a “follow” friendly world.

“Follow us on Facebook, or Twitter….” we say.

Then We check to see how many “followers” we have.

But I realized this morning that we aren’t the first “follow” friendly generation.

The first “followers” of Jesus,

were actually first the  followers of John the Baptist,

who was following the Holy Spirit.

It’s hard for this generation to think of what it would be like to be unplugged from the world.

My husband and I tease our little girl from time to time, with our dreams of living off grid one day.

Yep, no electric. No social media….

Just the good ole flames of the campfire for our nightly entertainment.

She shrugs off into the other room, mortified at the thought of living without such luxuries.

But look what John the Baptist found, while being a follower of the Holy Spirit from His youth in the wilderness.

Maybe not what he found, but rather,


The Son of God.

The long awaited Messiah.

John 1:33

“And I knew Him not: but He that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom you shall see the Spirit descending, and remaining on Him, the same is He which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.”

How else would John have found Jesus if number one, He wasn’t looking,  and number two, he wasn’t “following”?

There are so many people to follow these days.

How do you know who to follow?

Well, you have to ask yourself the same question Jesus asked the disciples who started following John.

“What seek ye?”

I believe the Lord dealt with my heart yesterday  to unplug for a while from all the opinions about Him and Just look directly at Him, through His Word.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been  talking about the gifts God gave to us,

to, and through, each other,

but I was getting more information about  Jesus through others, than I was spending direct time with Jesus through His Word.

That can make a difference.

It’s a personal following after Jesus that builds intimacy.

John didn’t hesitate to let His disciples move on from Him to following Jesus themselves.

I know in my life, at times, I follow people more than I follow Jesus, and it can cause me to stumble.

We can follow the crowd that’s linked to Jesus,

or we can follow the Christ Himself.

What we will receive is determined by how we answer that question.

What do you seek?

I’m seeking Peace.

I asked myself why I started seeking Jesus in the first place, just like He asked those early disciples, and my answer was the same today as it was then.


Peace with God First and Foremost, but then Peace on earth.

I wanted free from sin, stain and shame.

I was done with the load I was carrying.

And As much as we try not to, it’s easy to get entangled again, and begin to feel the load of life…

Yes, I’m seeking Peace.

Maybe you’re seeking Healing today.

Maybe Deliverance….

In regards to the importance of seeking  Jesus, Himself, who is the answer and author of All, I’m reminded of a man who brought His son, to Jesus disciples’ to have a demon casted out.

He was seeking deliverance.

The disciples had been given the authority, but like us, doubt stood in the way as they watched the boy have a demonic episode.

The man could have easily quit seeking, but He didn’t, Praise God.

He KEPT seeking The Answer.

And He found Him.



Jesus Has delivered me,

He is delivering me now,

and He will again deliver me.

So, Here is my determination today.

I’m not only seeking Jesus, I’ve found Him, but now I’m following Him, and following after others who follow Him.

If they fail, He won’t.

If I fail, He won’t.

I want to live my life “follow” friendly….

Something worth following after-

And If it’s simply just me, it will leave people lacking what they are truly after,

but if I follow Jesus, then the trail behind me will lead right to Him.

And He, my friend, never disappoints.

Even when life seems hard following Him, He works it all together for our Good.

Look at the disciples who followed Him to , and through the Cross-

but what was on the other side?

Resurrection Life

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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