I knew you were gonna say that-

My daughter and I were sitting on the back deck today,

and although it’s kind of gross, the Lord gave us both the same revelation.

Her little dog was sitting on her lap, and while petting her, she discovered she had a tick.

She tried to take care of it herself and the little dod squirmed around relentlessly.

Then she had me to try.

The dog wouldn’t hold still and looked at Peyt,

the little girl she adores,

and whom she thought adored her,

with the look of betrayal.

Almost as though she thought Peyt and I had turned on her.

I said, “aren’t we like that with God, when He wants to deal with sin in our life?”

“I knew you were gonna say that,” she said.

That made me smile to know how sensitive her heart is to God.

She was thinking the same way.

Because God does  want us to know that.

He’s never trying to harm us or take our comfort away.

He is in reality, trying to keep harm from us and keep us free.

We serve a Good God and His Precious Son that intercedes for us so that Grace may abound.


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