What’s Under the Hood


Dust has been cleaning (detailing) his car for an upcoming race this weekend.

As I pilfered through the garage to see what he was doing, I noticed how impeccably clean and shiny  the motor and all the gadgets under the hood were.

Then the Spirit of God reminded me of how my heart should yearn to Look Good under my hood, not just have a nice and shiny exterior.

That’s the difference in a relationship with Jesus and a religious approach to God.

God sees under the Hood.

When you believe that, you’re so Thankful for Jesus making you new, that your aim is to keep yourself shiny…. not just on the outside, by religious rituals, but on the inside, from a newness of Heart.

As a matter of fact, in the racing scene, what’s on the outside, isn’t as much as important as what’s under the hood.

Power comes from within, not from without.

You’re ride may be pretty yet powerless.

Yesterday as I began thinking back on this (because I’m waiting for the picture to put with the point …)

I thought on cars they call “sleepers.”

They don’t look like much on the outside, but they are a force from the inside.

God spoke to my heart about that being His Church…

even Jesus, in Isaiah was described as having no attraction or comeliness, but we know, that there has never been a Greater force of Power than what was in our Lord.

His Power, rules supreme over all other Power.

And He shares that with us….

Yes, we may look like a sleeper, but the Truth is, when we allow the Holy Spirit to clean our motor and detail our rides….


Greater is He that is in us, than any other in the world.

My prayer for you and I today, is that we recognize the importance of the inward maintenance of our  walk with Jesus.

That’s where the Power resides.






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