Can’t adult today

What to do?

I have the house to myself. My kiddos are at Grandmas.

My hubby is gone working on the race car, and I’m left with freedom…. to choose!

I have laundry all over the place.

Stuff stuffed in every room of the house, belonging to another room, and a car that hasn’t been detailed in a while.

A load of information about life in general that I’m trying to sort through, and where I should be in the will of God Today.

Too much to choose.

I can’t adult today, enters my mind.

(I’m sure you’ve seen the shirts?)

Just take it easy with a bag of those BBQ potato chips and the Tv.


Then I realize, I’m never Alone, as the Holy Spirit says to me that I can, and should, adult today.

He reminds me that not wanting to adult stems from the feelings of being overwhelmed by the tasks at hand.

But that’s what Grace is for.

Jesus says that in order to really “adult,” you need to come in the humility and heart of a child who recognizes their dependence.

Coming Boldly, as a child of God, I receive the Grace of God to do what He’s called me to….

and that is to be fruitful and multiply, in all things.

I’m not saying you don’t need a time to rest. God says we do.

But I’m talking about the feelings that cause us to be overwhelmed by the days we don’t need rest, and cause us to want to be child like and bury our head in the sand.

That’s not what Grace is for.

God’s Grace will always enable us to do what we think we can’t.

So, praise Jesus, I’m on a roll… done with getting the house back in order (whole other message on a different day )

and onto detailing my car.

Father, I pray for my Brothers and Sisters today who feel like they can’t adult. Remind them like you did me, that your Grace is always more than a match for the tasks at hand.

In Jesus Name,






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