Lessons from a Bow Drill

My husband and I love watching outdoor camping and bush crafting videos on YouTube.

That was my first experience in hearing of a bow drill.

It’s a means to create fire.

It requires two separate pieces of wood, crafted to fit together and when friction is added, fire comes forth.

The Holy Spirit showed me the similarity in Godly relationships.

17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

It takes a few components to get a fire started.

(Well, only one of you’re using a lighter… but that’s not the message here)

Similarly, It takes two or more gathered in Jesus Name for fire to break out in us.

Now hold on a minute Chelsea, Fire comes directly from God…..

It sure does. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and baptized us with fire, indeed,

but you know what’s cool,

when you use a bow drill, it seemingly just looks like two pieces of wood, but the potential for fire is already in there…..

it just has to come out!

It comes out by the friction of two Moving parts.

Let’s look at that from a spiritual perspective a moment….

Fire doesn’t come from the parts lying around in complacency.

While parts lay alone and separate from each other’s they are just pieces of dry wood. 

But when they start moving, something happens.

I’m becoming so much more aware of God’s goodness of placing everything we would ever need inside a seed.

There is a seed for everything.

Look at the nature of human life. We come from seed.

That’s why when you try to modify God’s original intent, you cannot produce the same results.

God made male and female in His image and His likeness,

to multiply through seed.

When you take away those components, you can’t reproduce.

God loves His Creation, and when He designed it, He made it self sufficient in His sufficiency.

The garden thrived before He ever placed Man in it. He gave them Seed.

He just told them to “keep” it.

The same is true today.

Jesus has restored our garden. Everything we could ever need is packed inside the Seed He Gave us.

Just like the bow drill, fire is already inside, but by movement and friction, it comes forth.

I’ve talked about movement, but let’s look at friction…

that’s something we try to avoid at all costs.

It’s uncomfortable.

But when you look at the early church and the fire it produced, you see that the more friction there was, the more the fire spread.

Persecution, the means in which satan attempts to destroy, only fueled the believers to spread the Gospel further.

When we find ourselves in friction, rather than allow it to dishearten us, I pray we see it as an opportunity for fire!

I’ve learned over the years that when people disagree with me, if I will humbly look to God about it, I come out more refined and with an even better understanding of what I knew before.

Friction produces the fire.

Fire burns away impurities.

No friction…. No movement….. No fire. 

No fire…. No heat…. No purification.



I pray today that our hearts be ablaze for you.

Thank you for Godly relationships that rub us the right way and cause us to move more and more in your direction.

And Thank you even for the friction that rubs us the wrong way, causing impurities in us to be worked out.

You’re just amazing. Thank you for life in the Seed. For making all Grace abound towards us today.

In Jesus Name and Victory,


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