The War is Over

God spoke something pivotal to me a couple days ago that I’ve been chewing on ever since.

He knows our hearts. The very depths of them.

I had been asking what was going on with me lately.

It was like I wasn’t necessarily facing any life threatening problems, but I just still felt like I was engaged in something other than what was going on around me.

It was like it was hard for me to just be here, in the now, and enjoy my life.

Then God dropped it on me…

Into my Spirit.

The term… PTSD.

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

I wasn’t thinking of it being Memorial Weekend, although I began thinking of all of the men and women who gave their lives,

and that that may be what He was talking to me about, but then He assured me, that it was me.

How could that be?

I’ve never been to war.

Then He reminded me of the previous year and how it seemed that more than not, I was engaged in some form of combat with the enemy of my soul.

The darkness was intense.

And although, I’m no longer actually fighting that particular battle, the effects of it have lingered.

It’s like I could relate to all of those men and women who are back home now, yet still living like they are still in the war somewhere else in their minds.

Nightmares, fearful thoughts, outbursts of anger, and even thoughts of suicide, are among the leading symptoms of PTSD.

The simplicity is;

You can take someone out of the war, but the War hadn’t been taken out of the person.

The things that I experienced, that I never want to happen to me or anyone else again, are  sometimes hard to describe to someone who hasn’t been there.

Even though you may be surrounded by loved ones, the overwhelming feeling of being alone here nags at you.



As a believer in Jesus, we are NEVER alone.

He promised to never leave or forsake us.

And the Truth is;


Jesus Conquered Death. It is Finished!

We just have to Know it and act on the results.

We are constantly rehearsing something.

The enemy wants us to rehearse the curse.

Rehearsing every negative, fearful thing that has happened, or could happen.

Thus the battle  in our mind.

But God told Moses in Exodus 17, to tell Joshua to Write Down their victory in the battle with Amelek and to rehearse it.

We need to rehearse the Victory every day.

We need to rehearse what happened at the cross; the Battle for life and death.

Our commander Jesus Christ Won the War.

All hell thought they had won when Jesus took his last breath, but that was only the Beginning of Victory for us.

The Seed Of Eternal Life was planted in those who believe, and now it’s Growing up.

Once it’s fully Grown, satan knows he’s doomed.

He can’t do anything, or steal anything without our consent. That’s why his greatest attempt at gaining what Jesus paid for for us is deception.

If the enemy couldn’t wipe us out on the battle field, (both physical or spiritual) then his attempt is to keep us so preoccupied in our minds….

with Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real-

the feeling that something is happening when it’s not)

that we are ineffective in the real world around us.

Our mission is to come from the Victory of the Cross and tell everyone that Good News.

That no matter what the darkness looks like, the Truth is, Light Prevailed!

We are now bearers of that light.

PTSD is a real disease;


I’m not making light of that-

but it still has a name, and Jesus has been given a Name Higher than any other Name.

It’s not something that cannot be touched by the Power of the Cross.

I was diagnosed by God, the Greatest of Physicians,  but now I’m allowing God to heal and restore my life.

I refuse to be breathing, yet not fully Alive.


My heart (Your Heart) goes out to everyone who may be suffering,  or has ever suffered from PTSD, physically or spiritually.

I’m assured that you want them Whole.

Jesus already took care of it and paid the price,

an extravagant one,

in His Own Blood, for their healing.

Open their eyes to the truth like you have mine.

Show them Hope and Your Promise for a Restored Future.

Give them comfort as they heal.

You’re an Awesome Father, And Physician.

Jesus, Thank you for Winning the War for me.

Today, I choose to remind myself of The Victory, and to walk it out.

In Your Name, I will Silence the lies of defeat and fear.

You’ve Overcome the World, and because I’ve put my Trust in your accomplishment, So have I!

I love you, and in Your Name- the Name above Every other Name,

I pray,







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