“I’m not afraid anymore… I said, I’m not afraid anymore…….”

I can just see the fuzzy, sock cap wearing,  little boy on Home alone.

He was talking himself up after hiding from the bad guys under his parents bed.

Now running out the front door, he declares to the world, “I’m not afraid anymore.”

Then louder…

“I said, I’m not afraid anymore.” 

Then he turns around to see the suspicious man he had been warned about by his older brother.

An older gentleman who had allegedly been a murderer.

Talk about scary.

Man, just when you think you’ve fled one scary situation, you find yourself eye to eye with what seems to be another.

Have you ever felt like that?

You’re so over being afraid in life,

so you put your big girl, or big  guy pants on,

and face the world with your brave face,

only to find more fear?

I can honestly say that that has been the theme of my life this past year.

Well, the majority of my Christian walk, but in particularly this year.

God wasn’t  joking when He spoke to me the beginning of this year  about “new heights, new “ites.”

I’m coming to realize more and more,  that there will always be new “ites” this side of heaven.

In the old covenant the “ites” were types of people who opposed the progress of God’s children.

(Jebusites, Cannanites…)

They don’t carry the same last name today, but they carry the same spirit.

They appear to be a threat to our blessing, safety  and future.

They are very scary at times- but I have found-that when,

like Kevin McCallister, you stand your ground,

what was seemingly against you as a threat, will bring about your salvation.

Let me explain.

The man Kevin was so afraid of,

because  of what he had heard

(Yes, fear comes by hearing too)

When he actually got to know more about the man  and learned the truth, that man became the very source of his salvation.

That happened to me.

When the enemy  fed me lies, like telling me I  would die at an early age, or never be able to have children, I learned more about it in God’s Word.

He is the Author of Truth.

Don’t take someone else’s word about God’s Word.

There may be others who didn’t get what they prayed for , or that have told you that you can’t believe for this or that, but you need to Go straight to the Source.

So many times we let what happened to other people determine what we believe God will do in our lives, but your life is determined by what you believe.

I took promises in opposition to those lies and today I’m still here and  with two children!

So, I encourage you today my friend,

You and I don’t have to be afraid anymore.

For every lie,

There is a truth.

The truth will set you free,  and bless you beyond measure!


*I just happened to glance over at this…. thought it was fitting for today..

My son Issac’s contraption of His toy monster BOUND BY FAITH





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