I repent guys.

I know I’ve been a little hit and miss with writing lately.

Last week I showed you the rock,

I think…

if not, here it is again… it’s my birthday rock.


(The exceeding abundant kind of gift that only a loving husband knows how to give.)

And today, guess what…. It’s my birthday and I got the pedicure, too! 

I had always thought my birthday lasted for weeks and turns out,  it’s true. Lol. Just kidding. Um… not really.

The days of false humility are over.

I love my Birthday.

So, Yes, we were working on the birthday rock  and in the meantime, we opened our pool.

It was one of those days my husband turned out to be Hercules and instead of waiting on my help to take the cover off, He took the matter into his own hands.

So at first, it looked like this



And then the next day, like this


The crazy part… the PH was fine.

Totally balanced.

As a matter of fact, when I took the water into the pool place to have it tested, the lady said, “looks good….”

“Uh, no it doesn’t,” I replied, as I showed her my turquoise water. Eeew.

So, then she gave me some amazing stuff called Superfloc….

It suspended all that loose debris and the floating particles that were causing the change of color.

You don’t have to be a chemist to know that blue+yellow=green, but the problem was, while the pool was running, we couldn’t see the actual culprit…

it was all jumbled.

She told us to put the chemicals in, turn off the filter, and all that “stuff” would gather together at the bottom….

The next morning,

Clear as a whistle,  and now I could see what needed to be removed.

I see spiritual principles everywhere.

And I needed this one in particular.

The PH balance is our Spirit…  it’s totally fine, because of the blood of Jesus…..

Our soul on the other hand, when mixed with unsuspended debris, 

can leave the “evidence” of health in our bodies looking anything but balanced.

Let me explain it this way,

thoughts, symptoms, emotions….

the debris in our mind,

doesn’t determine your PH.

Those things block the clarity of who and what you really are,


You, my friend, are totally balanced through the Blood.

Grace and Truth came through Jesus.

The Perfect PH.

Now, you and I have to line the problems up with the solution.

You may be facing some things right now, that you just can’t see clearly enough to fix on your own.

Of course, first and foremost go to the Father, but I also believe He put experts in your path to encourage you with insight.

Ask for help.

Sometimes, you simply need to have your water tested!

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. Proverbs 11:14

I could have kept spinning my wheels trying to find out what was going on, or simply take it to someone who has seen that kind of thing before.

No shame in that.

I had never even heard of a “superfloc” before.

But it did wonders.

Not just for my pool, but for my perspective.

I realize now, that the enemy has been trying to make me think that because my life appears green at times, it’s unsafe, for myself and others.

You know, that lie that says you can’t tell others about Jesus because your life is such a mess…

But, that is NOT a reality.

No matter what the surface appears to be,

the Truth is, in Christ, I’m always balanced.

And everything, and I do mean everything, can line up to perfection, when we get rid of the debris,  and can see the Truth clearly.

I had an array of harmful thoughts that needed suspended.

How about you?

Let’s take the Truth and clear things up.

So, Here’s to Happy Swimming…

sunglasses girl swimming pool swimming
Photo by Juan Salamanca on


To My Birthday!😍🎉🎊



One thought on “PH

  1. WHOO-HOO!! Of course your Birthday is EVERYDAY!! After all, WE GET GIFTS EVERYDAY!! From the Very Best gift giver…Our Precious Father! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET! I LOVE YOU!!


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