Someone needs your testimony-

I’ve been DELIVERED.

Our God is a God who Saves to the Uttermost.

This past Sunday I was delivered from a spirit of Fear, Anxiety, Deception, and Confusion.

The Lord Jesus is and was my stay and is now the only Resident in my dwelling.

I know to many that may sound weird, but like the boy in John Chapter 9,

I don’t care or know anything but I was oppressed and now I’m free.

This is amazing to me.

How God has done this.

That this would be the well I would be digging, and sharing right now.

I simply titled it in February.

Remember, we are moving,

I have moved , and I implore you to move with me,

from the mental assent of Knowing,

to Believing.

Thats what makes the difference.

That’s  How My Amazing Father is rewriting my Story.

Our Story.

Oh, How He loves us.

How He orchestrates our steps.

How He woos us.

How He fights for us.

I wrote this title to encourage you, the reader that Someone needs your testimony, and they do,

but God knew when He had me write the Title what I would be sharing with you today.

Why wasn’t I delivered then, you ask?

Because Faith comes by Hearing.

And seeking.

I’ve undergone the greatest amount of Spiritual  Surgery seemingly ever, this last year.

The Truth is,

He began a Good Work,

and He keeps at it.

He loves us too much to leave us the way we are,

when He has so much more to Offer, not only to us, but through us.

Jesus told me in the beginning of all of this that He was with me in my “boat”.

He said we would make it to the other side.

And we did.

And on the other side, was Deliverance.


Our God’s not dead, He’s surely Alive and He’s living on the inside ROARING LIKE A LION!

God Reminded me of the Lion King. When Simba tried roaring at the hyenas.

He started roaring on his own, in His little strength, trying to practice like His dad, but when Mufasa backed Him, they had to flee.

close up photo of lion s head
Photo by Alexas Fotos on



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