Discontentment is the Thief of your Blessed Life

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8

The Lord has been dealing with my heart concerning the threat of discontentment.

Yes, while we are on guard against the red suit, pitch fork carrying devil, he creeps in through something seemingly insignificant.

Like, discontentment.

That’s how it happened in the garden.

Satan didn’t come to Adam and Eve guns a blazing…

he crept in.

He’s a creep.

But God, had already given them dominion over every creeping thing, didn’t He?

Yet, his subtle suggestion took their eyes away from all they did have, to the one thing they did not.

Marriages don’t crumble in a day.

Churches don’t split overnight.

Relationships begin to tear apart, just like that first couple, through the snare of discontentment.

We look at so and so’s husband or wife.

They are just so good to their spouse, we see as we browse through their flawless Instagram posts.

Or, that church is just so “on fire”….

just listen to their Worship band.

What we fail to realize, is that the same God, who put the fire in the other church and the ability for a person to love their spouse, is the same God that lives in you and me.

We want change from the outside, but rarely take responsibility for change on the inside.

satan struck a nerve on the inside of Eve… she had fruit all around her….

What was so different about this particular “one”?

Nothing But the allurement and shadow casted on Her Father’s character.

But even then, I now see something more…

As I look harder

Jesus was there.

God knew what they would choose before He ever put them, or the tree in that Garden.

But The Father, and Jesus, and the Spirit had also made a choice…..

Salvation was not plan B, it was the very intent of God’s heart displayed towards humanity.

Most people say what kind of Father would have put the temptation there, but I say

What Kind Of Father, And Son, And Spirit, so totally Agree that mankind is worth death to bring life?

God didn’t display His Love by simply saying it…

He proved it.

Through a Bloody, Humiliating Cross.

The Patience Of God overwhelms me.

His Plan is that of intricate detail to fashion the thread of the Sacrifice, 

through the entire Word.

The Cross is the Point.

It’s the Crossroads.

It’s the Bridge.

It’s the Victory over what lurks inside.

Even from that day in the Garden,

satan did his best to divert there attention from all they had,


reinstated it all through the Ultimate Sacrifice.

God, Help me look to nothing,

but Jesus,

as the Source of All I will ever need or desire.

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