I couldn’t help but think of what could be lurking in the tall patch of weeds I passed by the other day while mowing grass.


I hate snakes.

When I think of snakes I think of deception.

And that’s when the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart-

“Yes, Chelsea, those weeds represent the cares of this life, and when they grow up to choke out the Word, there is always lurking deception.”

As I’m “digging” this today, we’ve just come back from a camping/ hiking trip.

We were no strangers to the weeds.

They had been growing up for a while, as the other cares of the state park took higher rank over clearing the trails for hikers.

When we got back to our campsite, we realized we weren’t alone.

We had picked up some unwanted hitch hikers along the way….

(not just those silly burrs either)-

Seed Ticks….

lots of them.

As we rushed home to hopefully rid ourselves with chlorine from our swimming pool,

I began to think on some things.

Looking back to last post about continuing on the trail,

I realized that on this trail of life, we also pick up some unwanted “hitch hikers.”

Like those cockaburrs,

the cares and weight of the world try to latch on and pull us away from Who, and what really matters.

And like the seed ticks,

if you don’t find them and do something about them,

they can suck the life right out of you.

Some of you may be in some life sucking relationships right now.

No matter how much you give or how much Word you try to share, nothing is taking root.

It’s not the people. The Word declares that we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood (2 Corinthians 4) but it’s the spirit behind people.

It’s draining.

It matters who we let speak into our lives, but also, who we keep speaking into with no avail at this time.

Are they,

the people you are closest to,

building blocks for you,

encouraging you with The Word,


even holding you accountable to it?

Or, are they road blocks to your path of Freedom?

God designed us for relationships, but just like He made the trail beautiful, and even made those ticks,

Not all are aligned with the Blessing of God and what He wants to do in and through your life.

Dust asked me if I thought God was joking with us when He made seed ticks?


We know God made everything Good in the original design.

But not everything is yielded to God’s Kingdom reigning through the Sacrifice of Jesus.

That’s where we have to use discernment, and rise above.

Thankfully, we recognized the seed ticks.

Actually Praise God for pointing them out.

They weren’t something you would notice with the naked eye.

We got them off and didn’t allow them to keep hanging on!

Yes… you and I have that ability.

When we are controlled, or giving in to life sucking relationships, no one can do anything about it but us.


The itch may linger,

fir a while, but the tick is gone!

I still have the tiny, red, itchy bumps,

but I know from past experiences,


this too shall pass.

They will clear up.

The aftermath of toxic relationships can cause you to fear getting involved in others.

Trust me… I’ve been there.

I heard a great quote from our Pastor the other night that was an answer to my heart’s pondering.

He said, “we are to Love everyone, but we don’t have to trust everyone.”

Jesus didn’t even entrust Himself to those who were seeking something from Him  that would only satisfy their fleshy desires.

But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men, John 2:24

That confirmation blessed me, as did the reinforcement of digging this well.

God’s timing and His ability to be ahead of us is impeccable.

He knew what I would be digging the day after we hiked..

He knew about the seed ticks and how he could relate them to the thoughts going on in my heart.

And He wrapped it up with this,

“Chelsea, are those seed ticks going to keep you from ever hiking again?”

“No, Lord.” I responded.

“Then neither should the hurts of past relationships keep you from enjoying others down the road”

or in our case,

the trail of this life.

Now, we know what to watch for, and how to protect ourselves, should we encounter those hitch hikers again!

Be Blessed my Sweet Family Of God.




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