Farm Life

““The seeds in the gravel are those who hear with enthusiasm, but the enthusiasm doesn’t go very deep. It’s only another fad, and the moment there’s trouble it’s gone. “And the seed that fell in the weeds—well, these are the ones who hear, but then the seed is crowded out and nothing comes of it as they go about their lives worrying about tomorrow, making money, and having fun. “But the seed in the good earth—these are the good-hearts who seize the Word and hold on no matter what, sticking with it until there’s a harvest.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭8:13-15‬ ‭MSG‬‬


Any Farmer knows you have to have seed to produce a crop.

Jesus could relate to the Farmers.

He relates to me today as I snap a pic for you Of the latter end of our gardening season.

Looks pretty rough huh?

In the beginning, you could take a ruler to the straight lines and weedless rows.

But now, nearing the end,


you can see for yourself.

Things came up you know.

Racing and camping,

and now my new found enjoyment of wood working;

We got a lot of good crop, but when we got what we wanted, the need to improve kind of took the back burner.

That resonates with me today about life in general and even the people we love.

You can put marriage in the same context.

We go in guns a blazin’,

but after a while,

we get what we want and then lose the blazin part.

We just “let it go.”

It’s the same with Jesus.

I had to say,  “Lord, is that where I’m at?”

“The cares of this life stage?”

I don’t intend for anything to choke the Love of the Word in my life.

Just like I didn’t intend for the garden to get so crazy.

And the things that came up,

they aren’t bad things….

But Praise God,

Today is a New Day.

And…. there is still a bit of crop in there that took a little longer to bloom.

Once the weeds are removed,

and Praise Jesus they can be,

I can see clearly to reap a Harvest!

It’s Harvest Time.



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