Everyone Approved

I saw this sign at a car lot on my way home and was totally  taken back by it.

The saying on this sign is the True Gospel.

This sign, referring to the world’s system of “Credit Approval,”

has a shadow, of good things,

like the law,

but not the very image of the Gospel.

The True Gospel offers the “Free Gift”  Of Grace to a whosoever, everyone accepted, will….

Grace is a gift.

It can’t be earned by “good credit,”

and you can’t add payments to it.

The car lot credit approval is really offering the receiver a debt.

You may drive away with what looks like the gift of the new car, but you are now the proud owner of a debt you have to repay,

if you can’t pay in cash upon the purchase.

Not so, with the Gospel.

It is truly a Free gift-

for you and I,

yet it cost Jesus everything.

Let me ask you something?

Do you think that if that car lot was truly offering a new car with no strings attached you would just pass it up?

You would either have to already have so much of yourself-

to not think you need it,

or simply believe it could be for everyone else-

but you,


Sound familiar?

My story was both.

At first, I was so full of myself.

The party life and the attention that I had purchased from it made me think  it would bring me pleasure,

only to find out it came with payments…

Lots of them-

like shame and fear.

So, I surrendered to the Free Gift, and walked in Freedom,

for a while,

and then found myself entangled again, through another alluring lie,

that yes, I was saved,

but I needed to add to it by cleaning myself up, and others around me.

How could I think I could do, or add to, what only Jesus could do.

Then I found myself partaking of the latter response to the Free Gift.

Could I still be a part of that everyone approved?

I let Him down. I let others down.

But then I got reminded of something;

It was while I was yet in sin that Christ died for me,

not just the ones from my past,

but today’s sins,

and even the sins of tomorrow.

If Jesus made ONE sacrifice, once and for ALL, then when I sin today,

(not that I want to, as 1John 2 says,)

but if I do,

it doesn’t negate what He purchased as Free Grace forever.

The same Payment of the Blood Of Jesus-

the same way I received forgiveness then,

is the same way I receive forgiveness now.

He is Faithful and Just to forgive us and cleanse us from All unrighteousness.

I had been bewitched.

Just like Paul warned the Galatians in Chapter 3.

It has Always been,

and Always will be-



It is Finished. Everyone Approved.

*Stop making payments for something that’s already been paid!

Receive the Blessing and tell others about it!

Thats how the True Gospel was and should be spread.

*We will talk about how to drive your “new car”  at a later time as directed by the Holy Spirit.







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