God is Not a Man that He should Lie

I don’t know if I’m sharing with anyone who has ever struggled to see God this way,

due to their experience with their earthly fathers,

but this News has revolutionized my life.

Knowing that God is eternal is one thing,

but believing  that He is with you for the long haul,

is life changing.

God is not a man that He should lie.

That one statement should hold enough weight for us to believe every Word that has ever come forth from Him,

but that “not a man” part is what trips us up.

We’ve all had men lie.

We’ve all lied.

So, our finite thinking always defaults back to,

can I really Trust…..?

That was the crux of deception in the Garden that day.

“Has God really said…” the serpent, Satan asked.

“Can you really trust Him?” Is what he suggested.

But I’m here to testify today, that Yes, we can absolutely Trust Him and No, He is not a man that He should lie.

What God says, He means.

When Jesus told His Followers, His Friends, that He would rise again,

He meant it.

And this was His accomplishment;

“Jesus cautioned her, “Mary, don’t hold on to me now, for I haven’t yet ascended to God, my Father. And he’s not only my Father and God, but now he’s your Father and your God! Now go to my brothers and tell them what I’ve told you, that I am ascending to my Father—and your Father, to my God—and your God!””
‭‭John‬ ‭20:17‬ ‭TPT‬‬ https://www.bible.com/bible/1849/jhn.20.17.tpt

God not only kept His Word to Jesus, but He keeps the Same Word to us.

We are His children.

We’ve heard and shared that statement so loosely, that it almost sounds cliche,

but to know- and Believe that God is Your Father,


changes the direction of your life completely.

The search is over.

You’ve found All that You’ve been looking for.

God created  you and I with a space that only He can fill.

Nothing else will compare-

and every futile attempt, to fill it on your own, will constantly cause you to want more,

yet create even more emptiness.

Yes, God yearned So Much to be Your Father again, that He gave His best.

He gave us His Treasure as a Seed to make you and I out of that same Bloodline.

The Father asked me this morning how I measure love.

I really had to think about it.

Then up from my Spirit came the Answer.

Greater Love has no man, than the One who gives His life for His friends.

Stop looking for love in all the wrong places and embrace the Love that has Already proved Himself to you.

“You belong with Me” by Taylor Swift resonates that to me today.

Although it’s minor in comparison, I refuse to allow Jesus to sit on the sidelines of my life and watch as I attempt to seek Love from people and things that don’t really love me like He does.

How Do I know He loves me.

He died for me.

And for you.

Let us Believe the Love.

Father, Now that I’m aware of just How Loved I am, like Jesus, show me who you want me to share this Love with today…..


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