Fully Restored


Oh, How it blesses me-


and how,

my Father continues to light up my trail-

and remind me of what He has started in my life.

I actually began pondering the other day, on whether or not I should change the name of this blog.

My husband’s race car is my background image

and He’s decided to take a break from the racing scene.

But then, this morning, God would confirm to me, through the writing of King David, that just because your cast down for a moment,

doesn’t mean your cast out.

To the world it appears that way,

and it can even appear that way to us-

at times-

Like we are the Outcasts.

But friend, we are never a cast out to God.

Just yesterday, the Holy Spirit reminded of a story I heard from Jentzen Franklin a long time ago, about the importance of sharpening your axe.

I’m sure you could look up the word-for-word detailed version of His on YouTube,

but the meat of it is this;

Two woodsmen were in a tree chopping competition.

An elder vs a younger.

They both started at the same time.

Then after a while the elder was no where to be seen.

Crazy, thought the younger, as he kept chopping and chopping as fast as he could.

When the competition was complete, the younger was confident he had won, until the judges declared that the elder had in fact chopped down more trees then he had.

What? How is that possible? the younger wondered.

Then the elder responded to his disbelief.

“When it seemed like I was doing nothing, I was actually sharpening my axe.”

Now, That’s the account according to Chelsea.

But even how I remember it,

it speaks volumes to me,

and has several times throughout my walk with our Lord.

Look how David describes what this looked like for Him;

(a sharpening of his axe)

“Lord, I will exalt you and lift you high, for you have lifted me up on high! Over all my boasting, gloating enemies, you made me to triumph. O Lord, my healing God, I cried out for a miracle and you healed me! You brought me back from the brink of death, from the depths below. Now here I am, alive and well, fully restored!”


(If I have learned anything about watching the process of not only a full restoration,

but in addition, acceleration, with this race car,

it’s that it is  a perpetual tinkering on and making adjustments.

That’s exactly what His Precious Holy Spirit does with us.

He goes beyond the surface and clears up everything that may produce damage in our lives.

Pride derails us.

It distorts us, and rusts us from the inside.

(Spoiler alert. I should have let you keep reading the scripture, you’ll see what I mean in a minute.)

Like David, we often don’t see it in ourselves.

But He, the Spirit Of God, pursues us, making the adjustments from now, on into heaven until we are indeed, lined up with the Intent of The Father,


Fully Restored.)

Ok Let’s Finish reading so that makes sense!

O sing and make melody, you steadfast lovers of God. Give thanks to him every time you reflect on his holiness! I’ve learned that his anger lasts for a moment,

(there’s that axe sharpening)

but his loving favor lasts a lifetime!

(The result)

We may weep through the night, but at daybreak it will turn into shouts of ecstatic joy.

“I remember boasting, “I’ve got it made!

(The pride)

Nothing can stop me now! I’m God’s favored one; he’s made me steady as a mountain!” But then suddenly, you hid your face from me. I was panic-stricken and became depressed.

“Still I cried out to you, Lord God. I shouted out for mercy, saying, “What would you gain in my death, if I were to go down to the depths of darkness? Will a grave sing your song? How could death’s dust declare your faithfulness?” So hear me now, Lord; show me your famous mercy. O God, be my Savior and rescue me!

Then he broke through and transformed all my wailing into a whirling dance of ecstatic praise! He has torn the veil and lifted from me the sad heaviness of mourning. He wrapped me in the glory garments of gladness. How could I be silent when it’s time to praise you? Now my heart sings out loud, bursting with joy— a bliss inside that keeps me singing, “I can never thank you enough!””
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭30:8-12‬ ‭TPT‬‬ https://www.bible.com/bible/1849/psa.30.8-12.tpt

I saw Jesus right there.

At the end of what David describes.

Where David felt and seemed abandoned.

Remember Jesus on the cross?

“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

He looked like the Outcast.

Death looked as though it had won.

But it had not.

Jesus rose victorious.

Taking the keys back into His hands,

once again-

and then sharing them with us, His Bride.

Now He continues to tinker, and He shows us where the adjustments need to be made.

Until we are all lined up with Glory.

Until we are swallowed up in Victory,



Fully Restored.

You see, Allowing the Spirit Of God to sharpen your axe isn’t a set back,

it’s a set up

for a Great comeback!



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