Jesus Wept

I first had the The Holy Spirit share insight about this verse with me, around Easter this past year,

But it wasn’t until yesterday that I experienced it for myself.

I was at a funeral for my young cousin.

Asking God for a Word, all morning before I arrived.

It didn’t come until I got there and saw the body.

I had the understanding that she was in a better place,

As we hear so often,

And I absolutely believe that-

But I wept for the parents.

I wept for the situation as a whole.

I wept for the assault of the enemy that had been taking place.

Yes, the enemy.

We see from the last blog, that it wasn’t the will of Jesus, who also operated under His Father’s authority,

For that man to lay there the rest of his life crippled.

I also see, in the account of Lazarus, which is where the above scripture, “Jesus wept,” is taken from,

That the ultimate will of God,

the perfect, according to Romans 12-

is that death be swallowed up by life.

Jesus has power over death.

I wept yesterday, because we, myself included, have been lacking in understanding and effectively receiving all that Jesus paid for.

Jesus wept,

because the effects of the sin of humanity had culminated.

Death was the final blow.

And I believe Jesus’ heart broke over the condition that His creation had found itself in.

He loved Lazarus.

He loved my cousin.

He loves the whole world.

He told Martha, Lazarus’ sister, “Didn’t I tell you,

If you would only believe….” John 11:23-35

That’s the Same thing He kindled in that lame man at the pool.


Faith receives the Supernatural.

Yes, Jesus wept.

He showed the crowd that He was right there with them in mourning,

But then, He raised Him up.

Jesus loves us right where we are,

but too much to leave us there.

My heart this morning is that we, like Martha, would believe to the fullest and experience all that Jesus is.

“I am the Resurrection and the Life.”