Two Drinks

People follow what you do, more than they follow what you say-

Especially children.

I was reminded of this yesterday-

as my Son, Isaac, was getting yet another cup out, after I had just cleaned all the dishes.

Frustrated, I said,

“Just drink the egg nog….

(yes, egg nog (gross)

that I poured for you while ago.”

I couldn’t help but cave from his response.

“I want two drinks like you, mom.”

The Holy Spirit used this as a teaching moment for me.

Issac will want to do what he sees me do, not just what he hears me say.

I do always seem to have two drinks.

A drink, whether my coffee or tea, and a water.

He was just doing what he sees me do.

That spoke volumes to me as I compare it to my attitudes, or my responses to the situations in life.

I can talk about training my children in the way they should go,

But more importantly, I aim to be living in the way I want my children to go.

Father, lead us in those paths of Righteousness for your Name sake, so that we can help lead others.

We come boldly to your Throne this morning for Grace to empower us to make the right decisions.

They don’t just effect us, but they also effect those around us.

In Jesus Mighty Name,


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