Did you See the News?

Yesterday, as I was preparing to share at a Women’s meeting, the Holy Spirit rearranged the beginning of the message with a common question…

“Did you all see the News this morning?”

Whether it be Channel 5, or “your” local station, most people view the news on the daily.

I can honestly say, I don’t, ever watch the tv news,

But I do, by the Grace of God, watch the news most every morning.

The Good News, that is,

The “Gos-pill” as my grandmother would call it.

I recapped the highlights of the News yesterday morning to my listeners.

The News broadcast was live from Luke 12, and Jesus found himself in the midst of a crowd.

Zeroing in, first of all, on his disciples-

To them He warned,

“beware of the leaven, or the hypocrisy of the Pharisees….. the pretenders.”

(Leaven refers to something that will cause a rise!-definition by Chelsea)

Hypocrisy is pretense. Pretending that you have it all together when you don’t.

But it won’t get you far.

The Truth will come out.

What is on the inside (leavening) will eventually get a rise out of you.

God always deals with the heart (intent) of man.

Until we understand that, we won’t get free the way Jesus intended.

We need Jesus.


Don’t allow the leaven of what you think you know, steal the Truth that Jesus wants to make known to you.

Every Word that proceeds out of His Mouth,

He gives as Daily Bread, in the Written Word.

It’s of the Greatest value.

So I ask you,

Did you see the news today?