Game over

While playing the lengthy- hours long-

game of monopoly with my son, and counting the minutes until I needed to start dinner,

I saw his landing in “jail” as a way to abruptly end the game….

How sly was I?

I repented, and told my son the truth.

“No, jail doesn’t mean the game is over.”

(Mommy just needs it to be over now!)

That’s when the Holy Spirit reminded me, that jail doesn’t mean our game is over-

Even when our enemy tries to tell us it does.

Sometimes we’ve landed in places that we wish we wouldn’t have.

The majority of the time because of our poor choices, in comparison to a game played with dice.

We don’t roll dice in life-

We make choices.

However, when we find ourselves in our prisons of unbelief or condemnation,

Or entrapment to a particular sin,

It doesn’t mean the game is over.

We can seek the God who knows all, and no matter how we have landed in such a place,

He has given us the Power to set us free.

I’m reminded of a bible account that seems relative to the roll “three times” and “get out” in Monopoly.

A woman in 2Kings 4 had had a Son divinely given to her.

The thief came and put sickness upon the child and he died.

She ran to the man of God who had spoken the Word over her years before.

He came to her home, and three times he laid himself on the boy speaking the Word over him.

The boy was raised to life.

Now, thanks be to God, we don’t have to run to the nearest prophet as believers in the New Covenant, because Jesus is our Word of Life,

But there are times in our lives when it may take speaking the Word over our situation more than just one “roll”.

Like this woman, Until you see your answer, don’t let up on the Truth.

Keep speaking it.

Life and death are in the power of your tongue.

And remember,

Down doesn’t mean out.

Get out of jail and Get going again!