I’m sure you’ve heard of the “simply” craze..

“Simply Orange”

The “Simply” brands of cookies….

It’s an attempt to produce a product with simple,



I believe God wants those pure ingredients of “simple thanks” formed into our hearts.

We were admonished this past Sunday to Simply give thanks.

For even the smallest things.

So, this blog is actually coming down the pipeline.

The Holy Spirit shared it with my man, who shared it again as a reminder to me yesterday, and now I’m sharing it with you.

(I hope you’ll continue the trend.)

He came in from gathering wood, simply grateful that we had enough to build a fire.

He was Simply thankful for warmth.

He said, “how cool would it be for all of us to just flood our church Facebook pages and social media with Simple Thanks.”

I can assure you, There is always more reason to give thanks than not.

Even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Again, like Elisha prayed,

(When they were seemingly surrounded by their enemies)

“Lord open His eyes…

To see-

that there are more with us than with them.”

Despair and depression are headlined because it’s what people choose to dwell on.

It’s the default to human nature.

It takes an act of our will to look for what we can be Thankful for and choose to Broadcast His Praises instead.

So will you,


Give Thanks with us today?

Why wait until tomorrow?

*As I write this I see the family of God seated together with Him at the Bounty He has provided.

Sharing every blessing.

What a glorious image.

Let His praises fill the earth.

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