One WORD from God can change your life

I want you to really think about this today.

I’m sitting here in my “quiet time”-


that with two kids being home -schooled and a new puppy (what were we thinking? lol)-

That I just don’t have enough quiet time.

Then enters the Holy Spirit’s opinion…

The voice I need to heed most….

“You don’t need “more” quiet time,

You need more of an awareness of just How powerful the Word you are getting-

If even Just One Word-


to change anything in your life.”

Let me ask you something-

if you’re born again…

Didn’t it only take One Word?

His Name is Jesus.

The Word made flesh.

You may only have enough time right now to speak the Name of Jesus,

But brothers and sisters,

That’s MORE than enough power for your situation.

Doesn’t the Bible say that He has been given the NAME above every Name?

The Word also declares that the Word we yield is quick and Powerful and Sharper than any two edged sword!


It’s not the quantity, it’s the Potency.

The woman with the issue of blood..

I think we can all identify with her-

Physical symptoms, (but also relational “issues with blood”-)

She said in her heart, if I can just touch the Word,

A little…..

Then I will be Healed!

I’m letting this Truth wash over me today and I wanted to share it with you.

One Word from God has Already changed your life if you’ve put your trust in Jesus…

I heard this from a preacher not long ago and it rocked me;

“The Word (Jesus) was made flesh, so that our Flesh could be made Word.”

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