I’ve found more often then not,

that I’m a super-Intend-ant.

What I intend to do is great.

What I execute….

Not quite the same.

Anybody with me?

And it’s so true,

What I’ve heard before-

That we judge others by our intentions,

but we judge them, by their actions.

I repent.

What is the antidote?

Simply, Be the Light that you want to see.

That is, focus more on maintaining your own “backyard”, then inspecting someone else’s.

Next, Thank God for His Fruitfulness.

I have to stop and remember that only through Him, am I able to produce any good thing, anyway.

Thank you, Holy Spirit for making this adjustment in me.

 I pray that you too, will promote from superINTENDant,

To faithful, Fruitful, Child.

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