Worth Dying For

I’ve come to find, over the past year, that there is a drastic difference in trying to love,

to fulfill the Law of Love,

and Being Loved-

having the awareness of the fact that Jesus found you worthy of His precious blood shed.

My highest aim for the upcoming year is to become more rooted and grounded in the Love of My Jesus.

At the turn of this decade, I believe one of the greatest revelations for me was the difference between two sisters.

I had even preached on it before, with a big Hoo Ha,

but to apply it,

really apply it,

was altogether different.

I didn’t realize just how much of a people pleaser I really was,

until a huge wave of crash and burn brought me to my knees.

You see, Martha wasn’t a bad sister.

She loved Jesus too.

She just didn’t understand His Love for her.

She felt the need for herself, and her sister to “make” love, by frantically serving Jesus,

instead of the ‘good’ part, which was Being Loved, that Mary had chosen.

So I have decided, like Mary,

to sit with Him.

There are times I’m still tempted to get up from His presence,

by an angry sister or brother who feels like I should be doing more to serve,

but then He calls me back to Rest in His Love for me.

That Mary, who chose the good part,

went on to do some extraordinary things for Jesus.

She elaborately adorned Him with her extravagant gift in front of religous haters.

She washed His feet with her hair!

Truly Resting in His Love is not a copout to do Nothing.

True Rest will thrust you into serving Him like most would never dare on their own.

I challenge you, dear brothers and sisters, Make this year one of lingering at His Feet.

Be Loved. Stop trying to make love.

As the Lord gave me perception as to what 20/20 vision means,

He gave me the understanding that it is perfect Vision near and far.

To often we’re so focused on what we need to do for Him in the future, that we abandon His insight for today.

Jesus would often say the time is coming and now is…..

Near and Far.

What will be done in the future has already started right here.

What are we doing right now?

Are we beholding Him?

Or beholding an agenda and losing sight of Him?

No shame here, because I’ve done it for many years,

But most of the New Year’s resolutions come with the mentality of whooping it up with the last bit of cake and ice cream we can have before entering into the new diet.

However, with eyes fully engaged on Jesus, You will hear the time is coming and NOW is….

I was challenged by the Lord a few years back to yield  up sweets in December in preparation for the upcoming year.

What we did last night is an indicator of the true nature of our heart.

More than likely, if we aren’t ready to yield something up a day before, it won’ t change our heart just because a date changes.

Only Jesus can truly change our hearts.

Like I said yesterday,

that kind of transformation only comes from Beholding Him and Being Loved!






Waht are







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