Capture the Flag

I realize that most would see this title and be allured by the ‘remember whens’ of childhood.

Taken back to a much more simple day and time,

and maybe that is exactly where God wants to find you and I this morning.

I believe it is.

I had a friend of mine send me a link to a video called The Prodigal.

It was a modern day example of the wayward Son wanting to return home to His Father, after a life that He was far from proud of,

to the point of questioning whether or not the Father even still wanted him to return.

As he called one day, leaving a message,

it appeared that the Father didn’t want to even receive his calls.

Out of sheer desperation, the son says,

“I’ll be coming through town in the next few days. If it is ok that I return home, just hang a white sheet out on the front porch.”

Little did he know, His Father didn’t answer him because He was so busy, already hanging white sheets miles down the road!

Expecting, and never giving up on the Son’s return.

If you’ve struggled with acceptance from our Father, I can relate.

This story hit “home” for me the other day.

That performance based mentality of religeon, leaves us doubting the Father’s Love for us when our actions don’t always measure up to our intentions.

But just like the signs I saw, a few posts back,

I’m starting to see the white sheets everywhere as well.

They come through the form of text messages from other believers stating How much God loves you.

Or a message that you know is spot on for your particular circumstance.

Yes, they are everywhere,

because long before we ever called on our Father,

He was preparing our return home in the form of His Son.

Jesus is our white sheet: our Proof of God’s Love towards us.

Yet, the sign on the cross, even though it was enough, continues to produce lavish displays of “White sheets” to us, until we are fully formed into the image of His Love.

Now, it’s up to us to return-

To capture that white flag-

and simply surrender to His Amazing Love.


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