Great Expectations

God began dealing with my heart yesterday-

about what exactly it was that I was expecting,

after I woke up in one of those moods.

Obviously, He knew I was “expecting” ….

that it would just be one of those days.

I woke up to our old dog barking at absolutely nothing, but the sound of his non-stop assurance that something was outside, led me to the back porch.

It was brutally cold, and as I stepped back into the kitchen, my husband greeted me with a shush, ( as to not wake up the kids,) and that just really annoyed me.

The day progressed  with an irritation of symptoms that were lying to me and trying to get me to believe all the reasons that I wasn’t healed.

So, I let you know all of that, to let you know this, we get what we are expecting.

Our expectations set the bar for the outcome,

of our day, and more importantly, our lives.

You make arrangements for what you are expecting.

Thank God, He showed me where I needed to make adjustments.

I shared a little about this before, as God started to download this revelation when I was expecting someone to respond a certain way.

He showed me that I was putting my faith in the flesh when I do that, not in the Spirit.

So in all of my frenzy, He shifted my gaze to Issac yesterday.

Although, he was battling the same symptoms,

nothing was going to steal that kid’s joy or ability to play.

He is completely stress free.

Didn’t Jesus tell us to come to Him like little children?

That’s why.

Childlike expectation, is to always have a good day.

A well cared for child doesn’t have a care in the world.

That isn’t the case for some, I realize.

But as Father, it breaks God’s heart, I’m sure,

just like it would mine, if Peyton or Issac acted uptight all the time, if I had never given them reason to worry.

We, as children of God should be care-free.

I know you may be thinking, well, I’ve seen people who seemingly trusted God with things that didn’t turn out.

Yes, and I have also seen people who have received exactly what they were expecting God to do.

I’m one of them.

I have had both happen.

But I can tell you this, if ever there isn’t a manifestation of what God said would happen, I choose to believe God, more than the experience of a certain person.

We’ve recently experienced a Great Expectation.

I became an Aunt for the first time and I am absolutely Over-joyed about it.

My niece is Perfect, just like we were expecting.

But you know, like with every pregnancy, there are things to expect while you’re expecting.

I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

But for today, I want to encourage you to expect the Best!

The best parking spot at the grocery store.

Expect for  the clerk that always seems to be in that mood, to find favor with you-

after you smile at her first.

Expect for your body to line up with the Word if you need healing.

For that matter, expect for the Word to work in every area of your life.

Keep your Expectations Great!




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