The Tithe

I struggle with coffee.

I’m what you would consider a “heavy drinker.”

So, God has been dealing with my heart about it.

I’ve been delivered from cigarettes so I know that there is Power Available when I call upon My God.

Here is what I heard the other morning, as I anxiously awaited my full pot of Folgers to get done.

“Give me the first Cup.”

Now, that sounds silly,

and looked even sillier, especially when my hubby walked in, asking who the poured cup of coffee was for.

“The Lord,” I said.

He just smirked, as He knows that I try and obey what I believe is from God.

And may I just add,

We’ve seen God do a lot through things that sound crazy.

But let’s run that through the litmus of the Word.

Did Jesus not ask his disciples to feed 5,000 with a kid’s meal?

That’s our equivalent of walking into a football stadium and God asking us to feed everyone there with our Happy Meal from McDonald’s!

What I see, is the principle of the Kingdom.

Jesus said in John 12:24

Verily, Verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

Then it all came together for me today.

I had received my Grandmother’s bible as a part of my inheritance.

That testimony alone,

of how God gave me the desires of my heart without me saying a word is incredible,

but what I found on the inside,

was the Home-run to My Father’s set up for me.

It was an old envelope that my daughter, now twelve, had written on.

It says,

speaking of the tithe,

in her little, new found writing abilities at the time-

“It’s not how much of my money I give to God, it’s how much of God’s money I keep for myself.”


Let me say again, this is not a money message.

This is a principle message.

For me, it’s about coffee, it’s about running, it’s about money, it’s about GRACE.

Remember how God dealt with me about giving Him the first tenth of my mile?

God is such a Gentleman.

As I’m running today, seemingly giving Him my first,

I was reminded,

by my daughter’s chicken scratch,

that even my One tenth of a mile isn’t really mine.

Who put the breath in these lungs?

And then it got even more exciting……

This amazing Grace Revelation:

When Jesus died, He was that tenth!

Jesus Is our Tithe.

He was the ‘piece of wheat’ that died, so that He could be the beginning of Many sons and daughters of God.

He did what we could not.

Jesus said that if someone asks you to go a mile, go with them two.

So I thought, “ok, ” Grace is,

My natural, that is, my giving God a lap, and then Him Gracing the other,

But no-

Grace is realizing that it is only because of Jesus, that I can even run.

That tenth,

of anything,

is God asking for a Place into our lives.

He doesn’t demand that we receive Him, He asks, for the open door of our heart.

Trusting in the Portion that God provided for you anyway, leaving your hands and entering His,

gives Him opportunity to overwhelm the other ninety percent!

It causes us to shift kingdoms.

The boy to masses ratio now becomes flipped upside down.

They even had left overs!!

I”m encouraging you with Truth today.

Pour Jesus your first cup of whatever seems to be overwhelming you.








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