The Key to Our Inheritance

“I solemnly plead with you before the Lord to make sure that every holy believer among you has the opportunity to hear this letter read to them.”

‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:27‬ ‭TPT‬‬

I sat amazed, and humbled this morning as I read this scripture.


Just think of that Word alone.


Something penned,

so that another may be blessed by the thought or intent of the One’s heart writing it.

And Paul’s heart here, is pleading with the elders of the church to read this to every holy believer.


we have the privilege of reading these scriptures to ourselves.

It’s something, isn’t it, how you can have something and not know the value of it.

Just yesterday, I received an email about a story of a couple during the early mining days, who didn’t know what gold was.

They had found a huge “rock” that they thought would make a magnificent door stop.

This 17 pound rock, was in reality,

a huge chunk of Gold!

It took a town jeweler, visiting for dinner one night, to change their mind about what they had.

Allow me today,

If you will-

To be that jeweler,

and plead with you-

the same way Paul pleaded with the early church.

To take another look at your bible.

In your hands,

Whether in hard copy or a bible app,

You hold the Keys to your inheritance.

You have something far Greater than Gold.

You have the map to success.

The Way, The Truth, and The Life,

Is right at your fingertips.

I pray today, Dear Brothers and Sisters,

That we change our mind about the Word of the Living God.

Let it no longer be used as a decoration to our table arrangements,

But let it hold the Value and weight in our eyes that it deserves.

Some of you may be realizing for the First Time today,

Like that Gold Rush family,

Just how wealthy you really are!

And to the rest, let us dig a little deeper to the vast storehouse of our inheritance.

Applying those riches to bring the world back to our Father.

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