Thankful- TankFULL

I think I may have written about this before, even using this title-

But this time, I’ve got a mental picture for you.

We’ve been running out of hot water.

We’ve blamed each other for taking too long in the shower-

excessive loads of laundry and too many dishes in the dishwasher,

until finally,

it kept getting more and more lukewarm and I asked my hubby to just check the tank!

Sure enough, there was the problem.

Hot water was in there, but the tank had a leak.

Then Father began to give me the correlation between what WE HAVE,

and what happens when our tank is leaking.

I just read this morning-

(after I had started this post a few days ago- Sorry guys- been a little busy)

where God Has Already placed-

inside every believer in Christ,


yes,  He says,


Spiritual Blessing,

in us,

Through Jesus.

Why all the line drops?

Because I hope this really sinks in.

Look at this from the Passion Translation.

(It’s been my jam lately)

You should read the whole first chapter of Ephesians.

I was zoned in on the title that reads:

“Our Sonship and the Father’s Plan-”

I want in on my Father’s Plan, don’t you?

Eph 1:3 Passion Translation

Every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm has already been lavished upon us as a love gift from our wonderful heavenly Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus-

All because He sees us wrapped into Christ. This is why we celebrate Him with all our hearts!

That made me want to get a big ole Costco cake and CELEBRATE with my family!

Our Father is Lavish.

So, then,

If we believe the Word is True, and He has filled our tank,

Why do we still run out?

Why do we start blaming each other?

Why are we starting to get lukewarm?

Yes, I did go there….

Because He went there-

with me.

For me.

Did you know that all the ungodliness that is described in Romans Chapter 1 is linked to Un-Thankfulness?

Perversion and everything that comes with it, is rooted in not being  Thankful.

I began to ponder on areas that are lukewarm in my life.

Things that I was once on fire about that are barely warm anymore.

What I found……

I had gotten “over” them.

You don’t talk much about what you aren’t passionate about.

And you lose passion for what you aren’t Thankful for.

I can tell you brothers and sisters, this is a game changer.

My circumstances seemed crazy the past few days, especially with a low amount of hot water in my tank.

It affects a lot that you don’t realize.

I’ll have a new one tomorrow Praise Jesus.

But until then, I’m Thankful for water to boil.

I’m Thankful for people who have offered me a warm shower.

I’ve actually been more Joyful the past few days.

That’s how God could say through James to count it all Joy in, not for, circumstances.

You may be like, Oh, pin a rose on your nose, Chelsea.

Good for you making lemons out of lemonade…

But ask me how I know,

it’s more serious than that.

I’m done with depression!

When God gives you the way out, and He has,

You can either take it,

or remain defeated when you have access to Freedom.

As an old friend used to say,

“You can complain and remain, or believe and receive.”

I’m choosing to get my tank fixed.










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