Good Morning Daddy;

I was very close to my Father growing up.

If I could, I would be with him every moment.

Things have changed over the years.

While I was watching Parental Guidance last night, my heart leaped at the end of the movie. It produced a hope in me that I could see restoration again in my family as well.

I love happy endings.

Maybe like me,

You are somewhere in the middle of that movie though.

The scenes right now may look intense,

But I want to take your focus in a different direction.

Pick up the phone.

Dial Heaven.

You will hear the Father’s Voice on the other line.

This line,

Is never busy.

He never sees your number and just stares at the phone until it stops ringing,

No, He is pressed up against the other end patiently awaiting it at all times.

The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD: but the prayer of the upright is his delight. Proverbs 15:8

There are so many scriptures regarding prayer, but this is one of my favorites.

He delights in our prayer,

Our phone calls.

So, that’s how I saw it this morning.

Not just my usual “Our Father,”

But a,

“Good Morning Daddy, what’s going on up there?”

Just like I would ask my own dad.

Then I began to Hear Him say,

Everyone is Whole up here.

They are Healed. They are Wise. They are Restored with the rest of the family.

They are in the Fulness of what you and I anticipate.

But as I see in the Spirit, what is taking place in the Kingdom,

Then I move on to think,

Or say,

“Ok, Father, your Kingdom come down here, just like what’s going on there.”

Forgive me of where I’ve missed it, and I will forgive others with your forgiveness.

Their trespasses.

Have you ever thought of it like that.

People trespassing against you?

Like, if you’re a hunter, and your stepping up to some property somewhere with purple on the trees,

Once you step on it, you’re trespassing.

Sometimes people “step on” our property.

We then, have the choice to lock them up or let them go.

Our Father let us go, when we trespassed,

So how can we not let others go?

Sometimes the purple isn’t in front of our face and we trespass unknowingly.

Let others have that same mercy you want to be shown.

So then, I shared with Father my need for Him to keep me out of temptation.

And He showed me that He does that through the daily bread He yearns to give us during that call.

That “Fresh” Word for today.

The Truth that He knows, that will penetrate the darkness,

We will come up against.

For me this morning it was a simple Word.


While I was on the phone with Him, a thought occurred to me and I began a text message to someone.

How rude.

I’m Speaking to the Creator,

I have His full attention.

What could be more important?

I repented and got back to my call.

Thank you Father, for showing me the Kingdom this morning.

What my life is really all about.

It’s spending time with you, and reflecting your Love to the rest of your children that don’t yet know they’ve been adopted.

And… showing your love and family life to my brothers and sisters who already are.

Then comes the end…

I say Deliver me from evil,

But at this point,

Having toured Heaven,

Evil is a speck in my eyes.

Where Sin abounds, GRACE MUCH MORE abounds.

Sickness loses it’s punch compared to the Magnitude of Health in the Kingdom.

And fear loses its Grip while I’m engulfed in His Love.

It’s going to be a Great Day!

I love you, Father.

Talk to you later.

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