They Know Me Best

I’m being challenged this morning,

and as I’m pondering on fruitfulness and effectiveness,

I’m reminded of a question my Grandpa used to ask-

“If you were on trial for being a Christian, would they have enough evidence against you?

Only, my thoughts were zoned in about who I was asking.

It’s not the church folk,

Or the cashier that I’m trying to be nice to-

to display my Christian-ness.

They see me once,

At times, a couple times a week,

(Depending if I remembered my grocery list. Lol)

But God emphasized this morning,

Yet again,

That it’s the people I share my home with.

What do they see?

Last night, Issac witnessed an explosion.

An adult temper tantrum to say the least.

Praise Jesus, I recovered the fumble as a teaching moment of -what not to do- when something doesn’t go your way-

But even that phrase-

“Teaching moment” has been raising flags in my mind lately.

Jesus warned about those who would “desire to become teachers” through the book of James. (James 3)

I’m fully persuaded that before our desire comes forth to be teachers,

It should be to desire the position of a student.

I am a student of Christ.

That’s what a disciple is.

I study His movement, His Character, and the Father’s heart through His displayed motivation in the Word.

What we focus on, we will become.

There are so many counterfeits out there.

Jesus said there would be.

Even calling themselves Christ’s,

But the proof is in the pudding.

There is fruit, evidence, of the Spirit being allowed to work in your life.

It should match what the Word says.

If you want to know how much you’re bearing,

Don’t ask your Pastor or your Social media friends,

Ask your toddler…

Ask your husband.

Those who see the real and raw every day.

Garden season is upon us.

This isn’t a message of discouragement.

We can always take it that way,

Or we can allow the Holy Spirit to prune our lives,

Dig a little deeper,

And become strong Trees of righteousness,

He desires,

instead of remaining sprouts!

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