I just opened my devotional this morning to the same Words Joyce Meyer sent this week to remind me, that,

“With God, all things are possible.”

Doesn’t all- mean all?

I’m looking at the seemingly great toilet paper shortage of 2020 and I’m here to tell you,

We will never run dry.

Not because I went into panic mode-

And bought every last roll the Marts had,

But because I gave someone two of what I had in my hand.

The Kingdom operates totally contrary to this world’s system.

I had a minister send me two dollars a few weeks ago.

Yes. That’s right.

They sent me money!

They challenged me to look at it as seed.

Now, it was mine. I could have spent it..

On toilet paper, lol, or I could sow it.

I chose to sow it, along with another amount I had in my hand to give.

I want to stop right here and tell you, that God isn’t asking you to give something you don’t have.

He is not a thief!

He has always given seed to the sower.

Every garden being planted right now, originated from HIS SEED.

Genesis 1

It wasn’t two weeks later and I receive an out of the blue extra $500.

I’m sharing this with you, to give you hope.

You’ll never run out when you trust God and do what He tells you to do.

Obedience produces peace.

I can bank on His Word, not on Walmart.

I am always reminded of the little boy’s loaves and fishes when “shortage” of any kind comes to my mind.

Whatever we place in Jesus’ hands, will multiply.

Simple as that.

He makes everything possible.

You’re situation is never impossible, with HIM-possible.

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