“I am the Gateway. To enter through me is to experience life, freedom, and satisfaction.”

‭‭John‬ ‭10:9‬ ‭TPT‬‬

As I laid in bed last night, this was the very thing I was meditating on.

So, it’s no surprise that the Spirit would confirm it in scripture this morning.

Remember the “bumpers?”

The two or three witnesses?

He wants to establish something here to us.

Why is this so important-

Jesus, being the Gateway?

Because it speaks of access.

Jesus made a way for us to access the Father.

Every minute. Every hour. Every situation.

And yet how many times do we actually utilize what is accessible to us?

I shared with my daughter that the very things that mesmerize us on this earth,

that steal our attention,

We’re created by HIM.

These things also come through a gate.

We use gates every day.

Our eyes, our ears, our taste and our feelings.

We’re allured into thinking something will satisfy what only God can.

Yes, even the things that the enemy has turned into sinful pleasure, still had to originate with Him,

They have just been twisted.

Jesus said, He not only knew the way to satisfaction, but He was the way.

Without Him (JESUS) there was not ANYTHING made that was made.

And He went on to say,

in John 10:10,

that the thief comes not but to steal, kill, and destroy.

Nothing, belongs to the enemy anymore.

He’s a thief.

He has to have access granted before he comes in.

He does it the same way today as he did in the garden.

He uses our senses.

Jesus overcame that temptation for all of us.

The Only One who mastered and ruled over sin.

Jesus bought back our Garden.

But you and I have to know it.

And, we have to access it.

Adam and Eve had direct access to God that day in the Garden-

they just didn’t use it.

They had access to Authority over the devil, and they didn’t use that either.

So often God gets blamed for what sin induced.

God said, His own people were destroyed for lack of knowledge.

The lack of knowing what they have access to, and the lack of knowing how to use it.

And yet, there are so many questions as to why things are happening around us.

But I would say if we answered these two questions in our own life, it would make a difference in our sphere of influence.

1.) Do I have access to God?

2.) Am I using the Authority Jesus died for me to use?

But more often than not,

We are looking for someone to blame.

We want to throw a Jonah out of the boat!

Someone has to be the blame for the storm-

Instead of looking UP, we look around.

We look for creation to help,

When the Creator has deposited Deliverance inside of us.

Again, the Lord reminded me of David.

He was faithful in protecting those sheep

that were entrusted to him before He was given the whole Israelite Kingdom.

We have an area of influence to be Faithful over.

Every day.

Starting in our own homes.

Look back at the storm Jesus was in

But not of.

He rose above it.

Whatever sphere of influence Jesus was in at the time, He used His authority.

He knew He had access.

But that was Jesus, you say.

But where is Jesus?

Is He not in you and me?

Or do we just sing about that stuff?

As sure as He was in that boat with the disciples that day,

He’s in your heart.

And He’s Rising up!

As you hear the Word and take it by Faith,

You’re rising above, and accessing what Has been there all along.

You’re taking dominion to see your people set free.

His People.

We are workers together with Him.

……..Until His enemies be made His footstool.

His enemies are the lies of the enemy.

The distorters of His character.

The blinders on the eyes.

Let’s know Him, our Gate of Access.

To everything the Father has-

and let it be known to the world that He can be theirs as well.

No more looking around.

Look up, through Jesus.



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