Nobody cares what you Know, until they Know you’ve been There-

“Oh the Blood of Jesus… Oh the Blood of Jesus…”

Sing it with me…

“Oh the Blood of Jesus, Oh, the Blood of Jesus-

is washing me right now.”

Just getting a little Worship on first.

So, I was led to Matthew 24 this morning.

Sweet Father- began to stir my heart, once again, last night, to study His Love, and get myself rooted and grounded in it.

On the way there, while thumbing through Love scriptures on Blue Letter Bible-

(I highly recommend you download this app)

I ended up in here;

Matthew 24.

I’ve always loved this Chapter.

For many reasons, but mostly, because Jesus was frank.

He answered tough questions.

And it encourages me to know that when we ask questions, even tough questions,

He always answers, my loves.

Religious people are the ones who “don’t know”.

They don’t know-

because they don’t ask.

They don’t ask-

because they think-

they know.

And they love to tell you what they think they know.

Just look at their conversations with Jesus.

They think they know God, and that God doesn’t want to be asked Questions because He’s God.


Jesus came in the Name, and very image of Father.

Did Jesus answer questions?

Yes He did.

Here are some of His answers;

First let me tell you the question.

Matthew 24:3

“What shall be the sign of your coming.”

The disciples had asked.

Actually, just pick up your bible right here.

I’m not typing it all.

As Dust tells us, me and the kids, and himself, “get the spoon and do the work!” Lol.


Jesus said, that we should take heed that we aren’t deceived.

That tells me that we can be deceived-

If we don’t take heed.

Heeding and hearing are two different things.

One is like a drive by and wave- kind of response. 🤚

The other-

parks the car and gets out!👂

You with me?


Have ears to hear Jesus would say.

And most people have physical ears.

That’s not what He was saying.

Really pay attention.

Let it soak in.

Stay with it.

Ok, I believe by now you’re ears are perked….

Verse 5;

For many will come in my Name, saying I am

Christ and deceive many.

Now, the Spirit of God spoke to my heart about this before and confirmed it just now,

That it doesn’t mean people actually calling themselves the Christ, it can be.

But it means professing Christ.

Saying, “I’m Christian.”

Or, I’m of Christ.

Check out John 5:43

Where Jesus came in His Father’s Name.


He was representing the Father’s character.

Let’s just park here a minute.

I’ve been “here”.

So, Let’s look at these next few scriptures like that map you would find at the mall-

Pre- “Siri” days when you had to physically find a map.

You would stand there gazing at all the locations, until you found that big red dot Indicating you are here 🔴

I’ve been there.

Both places.

At the mall, with the map,


tempted to be deceived by all the so called users of Christ’s Name-

But what they “said,” and what matched the Word that He actually said, we’re hardly the same.

How did all these denominations get here?

I asked myself-

while here, in the midst of all these doctrines and opinions.

Then, stepping over the nonsense of-

you “shouldn’t ask”

(the very One whom I gave my life to, 🧐)

I humbly asked Him,

the very One who wrote it

the entire book.

1 Corinthians gave me a lot of insight- as to why so many denominations.

I will blog about this in depth another day.

But there’s a preview for you, to His Answer.

Go shop for it there!

(Like, we are still at the mall)

Go to That store- 1 Corinthians, and check out what you can find in there.

Oh this is fun.

Surely you love to shop…

It’s like I just told you where I found some cute shoes!

Go get a “pair” for yourself. 🤗

Ok. Moving on. More shopping.

We will move with Jesus from that place, to another,

He tells us of the hearing of wars and rumors of wars.

And Note what is tucked in this scripture;

6.) And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: SEE YE BE NOT TROUBLED: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Did you catch that?

I added that emphasis, but most of the time, that little nugget is skipped over by most who profess to know about the Lord’s coming-

As they tell you their detailed thoughts in panic


No, this is the real “deal of the day”-

Jesus told the disciples-

(disciplined one’s)

not to be troubled.

And Not just as a suggestion.

He told them the same thing again in John 14.

Let not your heart be troubled.

We, are them, according to John 17.

We are Still disciples-

Still listening to His direction as we see all of this unfold.

7.) For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

We’ve all been here, and heard these things, even now are experiencing some.


8.) All these are the beginning of sorrows.

The beginning.

Right before Jesus died, and rose Victorious He said what,

In this world you will have tribulation, but,


Because I have OVERCOME the world.

And He did, Hallelujah.

That’s where we should be.


Overcoming the world and its tribulations. Not troubled by them, but of Good Cheer.

Cheering each other on, that,

“Jesus has Overcome…..

And the Grave is overwhelmed-

Our Victory is Won!”

(Shout out here to Chris Tomlin and my friend Trace!)

Swerved a little.

I know.

It’s like if you were shopping with me, for real. We just hit Auntie Anne’s. 🥨

Anyway, Back to it;

9.) Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and you shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

Ok- we need to stop, and “look around” in here.

Check out the inventory.

Because This is a prelude to the next “store”.

What we purchase in here,

will pair well with what He’s about to show us next.

I don’t believe this is just about the physical “deaths” and martyrdoms.

It is, and don’t make light of that at all,

but it’s also of murdered reputations.

Affliction of our souls, and betrayals.

Man… seems like we should just pause here for today and pick back up tomorrow.

Shop with me here awhile-

and See what God reveals…

As He shows you around.

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