All Easter 50% off

“And what were those women told to do after they experienced it-

Go tell…..”

This is an excerpt from yesterday’s post.

I actually saw the title of this, in an email of mine last week, before Easter ever rolled around,

And it kept stirring in me.

All Easter 50% off?

Is that what it has come to?

I asked the Lord.

We’re reducing Easter before we even celebrate?

You have to understand that I constantly see things in a Spiritual context.

That’s my Love language from Heaven.

I like to know what is on the Father’s heart.

Is it just me, being the religious kind that I definitely don’t desire to be-

Or is there something He’s trying to show me?

And then I re-read yesterday’s post, trying to just by pass it,

And these Words glared at me-

And what were these women told to do, after they had experienced Resurrection?

Go tell.

Not only is God desiring that we not reduce Resurrection to one day we celebrate a year,

But some, spiritually speaking, have reduced it before they’ve even gotten to that point.

Remember the foolish virgins?

Brothers and Sisters, as great as the Cross was,

If Jesus was still there,

We would be dead in our sins and trespasses.

Resurrection Life is the Hope of Glory.

Those women went to do what they could, with what they could, but God wanted SO MUCH MORE…

For His Son, and for us.

He didn’t want a decorated “dead body.” (Religion)

No, He wanted a Live and Well Glorified Body and Author of Hope.

The Resurrection experience changed these women.

It should change you and I.

So, What should we do now?

The same thing these women did.

Go tell….

Don’t settle for 50% off of Resurrection.

Find out what’s in your “basket.”

Acknowledge every good thing.

Every Promise.

Jesus gave us the Faith to purchase, at Full Price, what He already has in STORE for us.

Go ahead and chew on this-

Take a Pretzel Break….

I’ll meet you later in Matthew 24:14

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